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Town of Brookhaven’s Community
Choice Aggregation Program

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The most flexible energy program on Long Island

The town of Brookhaven is pleased to announce the launch of Brookhaven Community Energy, a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program designed to provide annual savings and rate stability for participating residential and commercial consumers by fixing the gas supply cost of the natural gas rate, such that the rate will not change during the course of the term. The Program will also offer participants an exciting eco-friendly option. Eligible customers will soon receive additional information in the mail regarding product features, including information about the renewable energy option.

Brookhaven Community Energy is an approved community choice aggregation program operated by the town of Brookhaven. With Brookhaven Community Energy, your utility continues to deliver your energy and manage your billing. The only change is the source and cost of your energy supply, chosen by the town of Brookhaven through a competitive bidding process.

What is Community Choice Aggregation?

Watch video to learn how Brookhaven Community Energy changes our energy system.

Brookhaven Community Energy is a community choice aggregation program operated by the town of Brookhaven. The Program pools the buying power of our residents and businesses into a large buying group, using that buying power to solicit natural gas at bulk pricing. 

By default, your utility provides standard energy supply. With Brookhaven Community Energy, the energy supply will instead, be chosen by Brookhaven. Your utility will continue to deliver the energy that we, as a town, choose. Your utility will also continue to respond to power outages and manage all billing.

What are the Goals of Brookhaven Community Energy?

Competitive Pricing

Brookhaven Community Energy seeks to procure energy supply contracts when the market is favorable. Combined with the bulk buying power of thousands of households and businesses in the Program, Brookhaven Community Energy aims to produce savings for customers compared to basic utility rates.

Price Stability

Brookhaven Community Energy secures a fixed price for the term for the transport of natural gas. In contrast, your utility rates change every month for residential and small commercial customers.

No Obligation

Participants in Brookhaven Community Energy may leave the Program at any time without penalty.

Questions & Support

The Town partners with an aggregation consultant, Good Energy, L.P., to operate Brookhaven Community Energy.
For questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact a Good Energy representative
by telephone at (631) 517-7017, or by email at info@brookhavenenergy.com.